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Occupational Testing

ST Occupational Services Inc.  provides a variety of Occupational Testing Services

Currently offered:

Breath Alcohol Testing - D.O.T. approved

                                           - Evidential Breathalyzers

Oral Alcohol Testing 

Oral Drug Testing

Urine Drug Testing

Hair Drug Testing

Mask Fit Testing

COVID Rapid Antigen Testing

COVID Rapid Antibody Testing

Physician Services 

Other services potentially available upon request


Drug Testing

All testing services are provided by Certified Specimen Collectors. We provide Oral, Urine and Hair collections for individuals, industry, social services, court ordered and whoever requires the services.

POCT (express test) and lab services available

Breath Alcohol Testing

All testing services provided by Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians. D.O.T. & non-D.O.T. We use only Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing devices, which stand up in a court of law.

Oral Alcohol Testing

Oral alcohol testing can be provided anywhere privacy can be ensured for the donor. There is no need for specialized facilities to provide this type of testing. 

Hair Testing

Hair testing is becoming more common, and is used most often for the courts, and other services. All hair samples are sent directly to the lab.

Mask Fit Testing

Quantative mask fit testing. Ensure you are wearing the proper fit to prevent exposure to harmful elements.

COVID Rapid Testing

ST Occupational Services Inc. offers rapid Antigen (15 minute results) and rapid antibody testing (15 minute results). Please click the home button at the top of the page then the 'bookings' button to book your appointment. 

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